3 Signs You Need a New Pair of Taekwondo shoes


Wearing the right shoes for your taekwondo exercises offer a ton of benefits. You get to perform better during the exercises, prevent your feet from being injured and hurt and enjoy a much more comfortable fit. But do you think itís time you went shopping for a new pair? Here are some of the signs that you might need to retire your old ones for a new pair Taekwondo shoes much, much sooner rather than later:


Pinched feeling


If youíre starting to feel a pinched sensation every time you slide those shoes on, then you might need to start shopping around for a new pair. Wondering why that is, when you were pretty sure it was a perfect fit when you bought it? The shape and size of your feet change over time. So if youíre a size 7 now, that wonít stay forever.


What to do: check your shoe size regularly to make sure you have the right feet measurements. This should be handy when you shop for a new pair. That way, youíll end up with fine-fitting footwear in no time.


Bald spots on your soles


If the tread in your shoes is gone or if there are plenty of bald spots in the soles of your shoes, then itís way past time that you retired those shoes and shopped for new ones. A few scuffs here and there are all right. But if the tread is gone, then that means your shoes are already coming apart. You wouldnít want to bring those to your next Taekwondo session. Otherwise, you could risk an injury. Worrying about whether your shoes will come apart also gets in the way of your concentration and distract you during the exercises, putting you at risk.


Only shoe


Menís Health says itís much healthier to alternate between different types of shoes. That way, youíll have a much better chance of giving your feet a kind of breathing room. Different pairs can also work different muscles so you donít overwork certain parts of your feet. So if youíve only got one pair, go ahead and buy another one. This way, youíll be putting less pressure on the shoes as well, which leads to less wear and tear. As a result, those shoes will last you much longer.


So donít let those signs go by the wayside. Be on the lookout for these so youíll know when itís time to shop for a new pair of Taekwondo shoes again.


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