4 Mistakes to Avoid When You Shop for Karate Shoes


Footwear matters. If your feet aren't happy, then you aren't happy. This can affect your health and performance, especially if you're engaging in sporty activities. So here's a look at the most common mistakes people make when they shop around for karate shoes. This way, you'll know what behaviors or practices to avoid:


Rushing through it


You want to get your shopping done as fast as you can. We understand. However, if you're in a rush, you could miss out on many essential details. You might not even be able to scout around for the pair that's right for you. So give yourself enough time to shop. It can make the difference between picking out a so-so pair and finding the one that's perfect for your sporting needs and budget.


Not checking the fit


It might seem a given actually to check if the shoe fits you or not. But a lot of people seem to give this a pass, sure of their measurements. However, not a lot of people know that foot sizes often change every 7 years or so. That typically means your foot gets bigger with age. So if you only rely on that number and fail to put the pair on to check for fit, you could end up with a pair that's too tight. And nope, that pinching sensation isn't a good thing.


Taking your measurements


If you know how to measure your foot, then good for you. However, if that isn't one of your finest skills, don't try to do it yourself. Instead, ask for help from professionals. Have your foot measured? It's convenient and stress-free. That way, when you're shopping for karate shoes online, you can shop and order pairs with great ease.


Opting for running shoes


Every sport is different. So don't try to make do with those running shoes. If you do, you could end up hurting yourself. This is especially since these shoes are specially designed to provide you with added heel support. It's great for runners but not for karate practitioners. One wrong move, and you could tip over. So don't compromise your balance. Make sure you get the right pair to wear. If you don't, you could end up injuring yourself or doing harm to your partner.


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