5 Tips for Finding Lifting Shoes


The right shoes can make life easier for you. That's certainly true if you're buying lifting shoes to help you bench press those weights even further. Here are some tips to help you look for the pair that works for you:


Know your feet


Most people think this is as easy as finding out what their shoe size is. However, your feet might come in different sizes, depending on the brand or shoe company. Also, some designs could be narrow or wide. If you have wide feet, you'll want to check, not just on the size but on the overall design of the shoes as well. If the width's narrow, that's going to leave your feet feeling pinched and squeezed.


Remember socks


Don't buy shoes that might be too tight for you. Wear a pair of the socks you'll normally use with the shoes and see how it fits, if that's possible. If you're ordering from online, consider the added inches and see if the fit matches the numbers you end up with. That way, you can smartly shop around for shoes.


Know what's comfortable for you


That's a good bit of advice coming from Harvard Health. Don't feel like you have to follow what manufacturers say about foot sizes. That's why it's important to know what your real measurements are. Even if the sizing guide says you're a 5 but the range of size clearly shows you're a 6 or 7, go with those numbers. You and your feet will be much more comfortable for it.


Don't buy them to break them in

One of the many buying mistakes shoe shoppers make is buying kicks that don't fit them. If the pair feels too snugly, pinch or much too loose, don't buy them, thinking you can eventually break them in. That's a waste of shoes, good money and time. You'll be better off finding a pair of lifting shoes that fit right from the start.


Get your feet measured

The best way to know what your feet's measurements are is to go to a professional. If you don't know how to take your feet's size accurately, a pro can help you out. Once you know what those numbers are, it will be far easier for you to shop for the right pair.


Buying the right shoe can be a challenge. Helpful tips, though, can help you find great ones that much faster.


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