5 Ways Martial Arts Shoes Give Rookies a Good Start


Playing martial arts can do a lot to hone your mind and body. Itís an excellent way to train your mind and improve your sense of discipline. It also helps you lose weight, keep obesity at bay and ensure youíre safe from cardiovascular problems, says the Fitness Revolution. Whether you play Taekwondo, Karate or Aikido, you can benefit from learning each one.


Interested? Hereís why investing in the right martial arts shoes can give you a good start:


Help you learn


You arenít going to learn how to kick or punch someone straight off. Instead, youíre going to start with simple movements. Rolls, turns and pivots are essential for a beginner. Youíll need the right shoes to help you go through those movements without any problems. If youíve got Chucks or sneakers, these could restrict your turns or pivots and affect your movements. Thatís bad for a beginner since these simple steps serve as a foundation for the advanced katas youíll learn later on.


Improve your performance


Aikido, for instance, can put particular pressure on your ankles when you turn and pivot. Use of restrictive shoes can cut down on the amount of power on your turns. That can effectively slow you down and give your sparring partner an opening you never intended. Donít want to lose a match simply because you had sucky shoes? Shop for martial arts shoes to stack the odds in your favor next time.


Prevent injuries


Wearing restrictive shoes can lead to pain and discomfort. Don't dismiss that. If you keep wearing shoes that are too tight for you, you could end up with long-term foot damage. If you feel uncomfortable or if you find yourself in pain whenever you wear your shoes, scout for new ones. This will prevent injuries and other possible forms of foot damage.


Go for an upgrade


If youíve been playing martial arts for more than a few months now and youíve finally succeeded in earning a new belt, then it might be time to change your shoes. Look for an upgrade, one thatís best suited for a serious hobbyist. Youíll get to enjoy your sessions more when you have the shoes to match.


Get stylish


You might also want to go with a bit of personality. Look for a stylish pair. With brand new shoes in tow, youíll find more reasons to go to your aikido sessions. Ready to shop? Check out what we have in store for you at Otomix.

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