5 Ways to Nail the Right Shoes for Your Workout


Regular exercises keep you fit and healthy. Spending time at the gym and bench pressing those weights help you control your weight and manage those calories. However, if you want to make the most out of your gym time, you might want to invest in lifting shoes. First time to buy a pair? Here are some useful things to note before you go out and get one:


Leave your sneakers at home


The first rule to lifting weights is to make sure your balance is stable. The right shoes can improve on your stability, giving you that extra push you need to lift those weights easily. If youíre using your old pair of sneakers, you arenít giving yourself the best support and stability and so, arenít taking full advantage of your workouts.


Match your shoes to your activity


Be careful about picking the right shoes for the activity you have in mind. This means that your running shoes canít double as lifting shoes or vice versa. They wonít provide the support and stability you need. Also, youíre going to run those shoes ragged much too soon. So match whatever pair you have to the right activity. That way, youíll be much more efficient with your workouts and your footwear will last far longer.


Replace them regularly


A lot of people forget to replace their athletic shoes regularly. Or they do so only when the shoes start to go bad. But shoes can break down even they still look like theyíve still got years in them. If you exercise casually, a year is a good enough time before you start looking for a replacement. But if you exercise every day or pretty much most of the week, six months tops is what you need before you go shopping for a new pair.


Know your size


Your feet wonít stay the same forever. Human feet grow bigger with age. So itís wise to always have your foot measured to determine any changes in your shoe size. So if you think that size-8 or 9 isnít cutting it, you might want to check and see if youíve grown another inch or two.


Always research


Never go into this blind. Do your research. Ask for tips and assistance. Donít just go into a store and pick one. Thatís one way to make sure you end up with the wrong pair.


So take a gander at this list for a few shopping tips. And for a selection of shoes for a range of sports, visit us at Otomix.


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