5 Ways to Shop for Your Children’s Karate Shoes


Given how much time kids spend on playing with gadgets these days, more and more parents worry about how to keep their kids fit and healthy, says Parents. By signing them up for karate classes, though, you know your kids are getting some much-needed exercise. However, don’t send your kids to those classes without the proper gear. Make sure you shop for karate shoes so they can start their sessions on the mat right:


Check the size


Fit is always a concern. Make sure you get your kid’s foot size measured. Don’t second guess their size. If you aren’t sure how to take foot measurements accurately, take your children to a pro. That’s going to make it easy for you to shop for your kids’ shoes in the next few months or so.


Check the soles


You’ll want sturdy shoes for this. This can protect your kids from possible injuries while they’re doing katas on the mat. After all, staying safe is paramount. You wouldn’t want your kids to come home with an injury simply because they went to class with the wrong pair of shoes.


Go for quality options


That doesn’t mean you need to go for expensive footwear. However, it does mean ditching the cheapest options around. These will likely wear out much too soon and might even demonstrate shoddy construction quality. That’s the last pair of shoes you’ll want on your children. Shop around until you find quality options at reasonable prices.


Consider flexibility


It would also be best to go for shoes that allow for freer range of movement. A pair that’s flexible enough to allow your kids to twist and turn makes for an excellent option. After all, plenty of karate exercises teach kids what to do if they find themselves in a grapple situation. Knowing they have shoes that won’t hinder or restrict their movements—which can cause injury and complications—will bring a good measure of relief to you.


Pick a style


Plenty of options out there are available in designs and styles that appeal to kids. You might also consider buying a pair of karate shoes in your children’s favorite colors. That's going to do a lot to build up your children’s excitement and motivation to go to class.


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