A Quick Guide for Buying Boxing Shoes for Men


We at Otomix know that you have your selection of foot gear when it comes to boxing, particularly because the rules do not usually state that a certain type of footwear must be worn. But as guys who box regularly know, a good solid pair of boxing shoes can make all the difference in your performance.


Our company is proud to manufacture a wide selection of boxing shoes for men, some of which (such as the Stingray Escape) are worn by Champion Athletes from around the globe. Although we know that not every boxer will fall in love with the same shoe, there are some common factors which every boxer out there will have to consider.


The Size and Fit of the Shoe


Our boxing shoes are true to size and are sized the same way as a standard running shoe. Unlike running shoes, where it is generally recommended that runners purchase shoes half a size larger than their normal shoe size to accommodate swelling, many boxers prefer to purchase boxing shoes which are half a size smaller. This is a matter of preference, but by purchasing a shoe half a size smaller your shoes will stay nice and snug against your foot, giving you greater mobility and precision when moving.


The boxing shoes we manufacture here at Otomix have a thin sole so that the shoes are lightweight, and there is some cushioning provided. Cushioning at the midsole is particularly important during training and if a boxer requires additional arch support.


The Material and Venting of the Shoe


Our boxing shoes for men here at Otomix are typically crafted using either soft leather or suede uppers. These materials are breathable while also being extremely comfortable. We also often use canvas as it is a breathable yet durable material, and it will keep your feet comfortable when training or when in the ring.


The Shape and Style of the Shoe


If you have checked out our selection of boxing shoes for men, then you can see that our company is big fans of producing mid to high-top shoes. Some boxers feel that lower topped shoe are better as they allow for greater movement and are lighter, but our high-top shoes are specifically designed to provide that same freedom of movement while offering additional protection and support for your foot and ankle.


Another important consideration is the level of traction which the shoes offer. Our shoes are designed specifically to provide superior traction so that you will not find yourself slipping and sliding all over the ring. The sole is specifically designed to allow you to move quickly, confidently, and in any direction. Finally, keep in mind that boxing is a spectator sport. Your fans are there to see you fight, but it doesn't hurt to keep aesthetics in mind when planning your attire. This is why we at Otomix manufacture shoes of all colors, from subdued neutrals to bold and flashy neon shades.





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