How Apparel and Gear Make all the Difference in Weightlifting


If you want to make noticeable, significant gains from the time you put in while lifting weights, you’ll the proper equipment. You do not have to own your own weight set in order to see progress, nor do you have to invest thousands of dollars in gear. What you do need is the right gear and apparel, both for comfort and support during your workouts.


What to Wear when Weightlifting


  • Weight training belt – If you are doing lifts that require any serious input of strength from your lower back, it is beneficial to wear a protective, support weight training belt. This prevents injury and also contributes power via the support your body needs.
  • Weightlifting shoes – It may seem odd to a newer weightlifter to invest in a pair of shoes specifically for the gym, but you might be surprised just how important this piece of gear is to your workout. Shoes meant for running and other activities may not provide the right support for your feet - and therefore your body – and are not effective for lifting weights. Those who lift heavy know investing in a good pair of weightlifting shoes is never money wasted. Ask your local sporting goods retailer or shop a specialty retailer online for the best in price, quality and selection.
  • Weight training gloves - These offers both support for your hands as well as improved grip and protection from the friction caused by lifting. Many of the most serious injuries sustained by weightlifters involve the hands and wrists, so these are not a piece of equipment to skip.
  • Wrist, ankle and knee wrap – For added support, many lifters wrap their major joints to protect them and bolster their lifting strength.
  • General apparel – Clothing is worn during weightlifting should be comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose. Choose breathable fabrics and wear supportive undergarments for comfort and prevention of pulled muscles and other injuries


Other Gear


While the things a weightlifter wears during workouts are important, so are the items they use to improve those sessions. Some of the things commonly used by weightlifters to give them an advantage during workouts include:


  • Chalk – This improves grip and prevents injury, as it negates the effects of sweat on the hands of the lifter.
  • Well-kept logs – A lifter should have exercise, nutritional and measurement logs, as well as a way to track their gains or losses over time. Without these, there is no way to make adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of routines or improve results.


Of course, the very best tool for any lifter to have is a great attitude. The right gear will make your workouts easier – it’s up to you to make them enjoyable and worth your time!

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