How to Choose Your Boxing Shoes


Boxing - like many other sports - requires specific footwear to enable athletes to participate at their optimum level. If you are planning to engage in the sport consistently or over a long period of time, designated footwear is a must. Boxing shoes are typically lighter in weight yet more supportive than average running shoes, and offer athletes the specific assistance in stance, speed and agility they will need in the ring.


Selecting the right pair of shoes is key. Here are some tips for choosing the right boxing shoes for men, and how to ensure they serve you well.


Know Where to Shop


First thing first: know where to buy your shoes. Most retailers of shoes and apparel wonít sell the kind of footwear you need, and even some sports apparel locations come up short. Those without knowledgeable staff may try to sell you shoes designed for wrestling, as they are oftentimes mistaken by untrained eyes for boxing shoes. Wrestling shoes have more traction on the sole, though, and while this may not make a major difference to a casual boxer, professionals and those hoping to someday become professionals will want shoes designed for their actual sport. Choose a retail location or online merchant selling specific boxing and other sports apparel.


Consider Your Options


There are several types of boxing shoes for men available today. Consider low-top and high-top options. Choosing between styles is a good time to take your own style of boxing into account, as it can greatly influence what type of shoe you would prefer in the ring. High-top varieties provide the greatest amount of support to the ankle. If you need this support and are a boxer who draws strength from your stance, it may be beneficial to choose a high-top option. Conversely, if you prefer more freedom of movement because you consider your style to be that of a speed boxer, you may want to invest in a low-top shoe. These offer less support to the ankle, but can quicken the step and make boxers more agiler.


Try Before You Buy


Make sure when buying shoes the soles ate stitched on the shoes. Do not buy any shoe with glued on soles, they fall apart.


All Otomix shoes have soles sewn together.


It is important that your shoes fit properly and feel like on foot. If you canít maneuver properly in the shoes, they werenít worth your money. Shopping online? Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers with boxing experience.


Make sure youíre happy with the shoes you choose, and ask about the return policy, should you change your mind. Your feet provide your strength, support and speed in boxing, so outfit them properly with the best boxing shoe for your needs.


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