Martial Arts Gear – Your Key to Safety and Success


Martial arts are very popular around the world, for various reasons. Many people who practice these ancient arts do so to stay fit or as a hobby, but it is also a great way to learn to protect oneself if the need arises. Regardless of a person’s reasoning for engaging in any martial art, it is important that during lessons and sparring, participants wear the correct gear. Let’s look at what kind of gear you’ll need if you intend to take a martial arts class or spar with an opponent.




What you wear in the ring and in your classes is important for both comfort and support for your body as you put it through its paces.


  • Appropriate shirts. Not all users of martial arts wear shirts during practice, but if they do, these should be comfortable and of a good fit. Too loose, and they can be grabbed by or tangled in the movement of the opponent; too tight and they do not allow the proper freedom of movement required for the sport.
  • Pants must also be comfortable and well-fitted. Often, athletes will wear pants with a snug-fitting waistband and foot cuffs to keep their apparel in place, while the rest of the garment will be looser to allow for maximum flexibility. You can buy thee garments from specialty retailers.
  • Shoes are also of key importance. Martial arts are fast-paced sports, many of which rely heavily on the movement of the feet and their strength and support throughout routines and matches. To provide this support, taekwondo shoes and other specialty shoes must offer a combination of light weight, great fit and sturdy support. Ask your sporting goods retailer or search an online specialty merchant for the perfect taekwondo shoes or other martial arts specialty footwear.


Clothing should always be comfortable and promote both movement and support of joints, key factors in any athletic garment.


Specialty Gear


Those who practice martial arts may also require additional gear, such as head protection, protective face masks and coverings or mouth guards. Gloves may also be worn. During practice, instructors and their students often wear chest pieces to protect their bodies during drills and sparring. These can be worn over other clothing and may even feature targets for students to use to focus their strikes.


What type of gear is necessary will typically be determined by what type of martial arts are being practiced. Instructors are always happy to recommend – and may supply or require – specialty equipment to their students. If you or your child are interested in practicing martial arts, be sure to ask your instructor for their recommendations, and check out the variety now available to today’s martial artists.

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