Need Lifting Shoes? 5 Practical Shopping Tips to Live By


Shopping for lifting shoes? Here are practical tips to live by:


Get the right kind


Don't buy a pair of running shoes thinking you can use it for your runs and your weightlifting sessions at the gym. Running shoes are typically designed to absorb impact. Good for runners but bad for weightlifters. Instead of absorbing impact, you want shoes designed to help you move more weight, says Breaking Muscle. That's why it's better to shop for shoes based on what you need the pair for instead of thinking you can do a 2-in-1 buy.


Check your shoe size


If you've always shopped for size 7 and can't understand why your shoes don't fit right, don't panic. The human foot typically expands in size every 7 years. Also, if you lost weight at any time during the last few months-or maybe gained some-then that's going to affect your shoe size as well. Before you shop, it's advisable to get your measurements. That way, you'll know if you've retained the right shoe size or if you need something with a bit more wiggle room. You won't have any problems shopping for weightlifting kicks this way.


Shop from quality providers


There's nothing like the excitement of waiting for a new order of shoes to arrive. Until you get them, open the box and find them disappointingly different from what you see online. That's why it's always best to choose quality and trustworthy online shoe shops. How long has it been around? Go online and look for reviews. Do customers have a lot of bad things to say about the online shop? Then spare yourself the trouble and expense and simply shop elsewhere.


Stay safe while you work out


The right kit is essential to staying safe while being effective in the sport at the same time. That includes buying the right shoes. A good, solid pair of lifting shoes can easily make a difference in your workout results, boost the power behind your lifts and improve your confidence. All these play directly into your performance.


Go for function not style


Don't focus too much on finding a pair that looks just right. Consider function instead. While looks can definitely matter-you'll feel happier going to your sessions with a pair of shoes you like-paying attention to how functional they are matters more.


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