The Girl's Guide to Buying Boxing Shoes


Boxing is more than a sport. It has become a popular way of working out, of burning calories, strengthening muscles, and building better bodies for both women and men. Women especially benefit from the cardio and strength combination of boxing, as it helps to lengthen and strengthen muscles without adding huge bulk.


One reason some women decide against taking up boxing workouts is that they don't want to have to invest in specific boxing shoes. However, this helpful guide will show you just how easy and affordable it can be to outfit yourself properly for an excellent, full-body workout.


Comfort is King Or in This Case, Queen!


It's hard to focus on improving your stance and making yourself a better, more productive athlete or participant when your feet are hurting. It is especially true in the sport of boxing, where you will be on your feet for much of the time you spend working on your skill. Choosing a comfortable pair of women's boxing shoes will help prevent pain and keep your focus on the matter at hand, whether it's burning calories or socking it to your opponent.


Size Matters


In line with comfort is assuring that the shoes you choose are the correct size. While you may know your shoe size, it is still important to try your shoes on before purchasing to ensure a good, snug fit. Buying from an online sports gear retailer? Looking through reviews and ratings, and see what people who have previously purchased the same item are saying about its fit is true to size. That will help you know if this shoe could be a comfortable winner or a painful past.


Style for More than Style's Sake


When buying a typical shoe, your first concerns are probably a toss-up between the way the shoe fits and the way it looks. When you purchase an athletic shoe, however, a new concern enters the ring: how the shoe works.


In boxing, this relates to how well the shoe allows you to move and supports that movement. To know which style you should choose, you should take your Itboxing style into account. Women who are speed boxers will need a lower-top style to allow more freedom of movement from the ankle, while those who draw power and strength from their stance may benefit from a pair of women's boxing shoes with a higher top to offer support. Choosing the right shoe can be a trial and error process, but once you find it, you'll have what you need to make boxing work for you!

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