Top Four Features of Martial Arts Shoes


Every martial art and physical sport from weightlifting to taekwondo has different requirements in regards to safety, comfort, and health. This means that specialist equipment, gear, and clothing are needed in order to perform in the sport efficiently. Shoes are an integral part of this that are often overlooked. Regular sneakers are designed to absorb force, which isnít always best in martial arts. Using the wrong shoes can result in severe injury. Here are some of the top features to look out for in martial arts shoes:


1. Lightweight


Foot work is an integral part of many sports such as boxing that can make all the difference in the practitionerís performance. This is why they need shoes that are lightweight and flexible, allowing them to move and use their feet comfortably. Otomix, for example, manufactures martial arts shoes from lightweight materials each tailored to the specific martial arts discipline.


2. Special Shape


The shape and design of the shoe will also be optimized for the specific sport. Breaking Muscle explains that weightlifting shoes, as an example, have a slightly raised heel to help the weightlifter get into a deeper squat and lift heavier weights. Other forms of martial arts will also have shoes in a specific shape to make things easier for the practitioners.


3. Prevent Injuries


Martial arts and physical sports have an increased risk of injury compared to other activities. This is why shoes are designed to reduce the chance of these risks or ongoing injury from practicing the sport. For instance, they will have increased grip to prevent slips and falls, stability to prevent injury, and fitted designs that are comfortable and prevent aching feet. The best shoes can accomplish this while still being lightweight and allowing for ease of movement.


4. Aesthetic


While this feature is secondary to comfort and function, it is still an important consideration for professionals or anyone competing in a tournament. Looking your best can even have a psychological effect on your performance and motivate you to do better. If you look around, you can find shoes that both function the way you want while still looking good and matching the rest of your outfit.


Looking for shoes with all of these features, that are custom fit for your needs and body type, and specialized to your martial art, you can improve your performance, practice safely, and look good all at the same time.

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