Weightlifting Gear for Beginners: What You Need to Know


If you’re just starting out on weight lifting or powerlifting, you might be curious about the weightlifting gear other lifters at your gym are using. Weight training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, free weights, and weight benches is essential, but others can be optional.


Weights aside, weightlifting shoes and apparel can play a valuable role in your strength training. Here is a breakdown of the different gear that you might need:


Weightlifting Shoes
Support and stability are necessary when you’re doing weighted squats and lifts. Hard and flat soles help you maintain your balance and hold a proper posture, which is critical to any powerlifting.


Weightlifting Belt
Weightlifting belts are not essential for beginners, but people often use them for lower back support. Unless you’re lifting extremely heavy weights or have underlying back issues, belts are not recommended since they take away the benefit of strengthening your core.


Weightlifting Gloves
Heavy weights can result in blisters, and sweaty palms can affect your grips. Weightlifting gloves provide a solution to both. These are fingerless gloves that offer a certain amount of wrist support in addition to proper grip.


Weightlifting Chalk
Another solution to sweaty hands is chalk. It reduces moisture and increases friction, allowing you to grip bars more comfortably. Whether you use chalk or gloves depends on your personal preference.


Wrist Wraps
These provide added support for your wrist, especially if you’ve experienced a wrist injury in the past.


Knee Sleeves or Wraps
Knee sleeves, like wrist wraps, provide support and protection, particularly if you’ve had a previous injury. They also compress the knee, which promotes blood flow, reduces pain and swelling, and increases stability.


Foam Roller
Many strength trainers include foam rollers in their weightlifting gear. They help warm up your muscles by allowing proper blood flow.


Other Essentials
Your weight training equipment can include whatever helps you improve your performance and increases your flexibility. For instance, a heart rate tracker can help you monitor your performance in each workout, while sweat-wicking, breathable attire can allow you to move freely and comfortably.


In short, the weightlifting gear you need will depend on your strength level, the intensity of your workouts, and your personal preferences.



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