Why Wearing Specialized Shoes Is the Best Idea for Pumping Iron in NV


If you are new to weight lifting, you may be under the assumption that you can simply wear any kind of tennis shoe into the gym. While this may be partially true, to get the best results, you must wear lifting shoes to maximize your gains. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from wearing this type of footwear.


Perception Of Mobility


When you don these shoes before your weightlifting workout, it gives you the perception of more mobility in your ankle. While it does not alter the actual mobility, because that would be impossible, it does give you enough support in your ankle so that you can squat deeper into your movements and thus get more benefit from your lifts than you otherwise would be able to.


Provides A Stable Base


Since lifting shoes have a heel that is elevated, it naturally provides a more stable base for the athlete to lift from. Since there is less energy expended on the lift-off, there is far less of a chance of injurious foot movement, especially from a lateral perspective.


Fitting Securely


Proper lifting shoes fit securely on your feet due in large part to such things as velcro straps keeping your feet in place. Not only does this provide a comfortable lifting experience but it provides a safe lifting experience as well.


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For example, netball shoes or court-specific shoes are designed to be durable against lateral and repetitive movements. Their structure provides stability, reduces the risk of injury, and withstands high-impact friction. Alternatively, the best athletic shoes for field sports have studs or cleats for grip.



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